The National Agency for Energy Regulation of the Republic of Moldova (ANRE)
Info Line 08001 0008

Info Line

Green Line (Free Call)

ANRE launched the "Green Line" Service following the request of electricity, natural gas, heat and water and sewerage consumers. The purpose of this service is to offer information and advice to consumers related to issues of protection of consumers’ rights and interests that can occur in the process of supply and use of electricity, natural gas, heat, water and sewerage as well as petroleum products.
The telephone number 0 8001 0008 is free of charge and can be dialed from anywhere in the Republic of Moldova, Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 17.00.
People wishing to send a petition or request to ANRE, can send an email to
According to legal provisions, ANRE examines the complaints of electricity, natural gas, heat and water and sewerage consumers regarding their disputes with suppliers, within the limits of its competence. The consumer can address ANRE or the court of justice if he does not receive an answer to its petition from the supplier within the legally set term, or if the consumer is not satisfied with the actions taken to resolve the issue.
ANRE specialists are running the "Green Line" Service to provide the necessary advice on: consumer rights and supplier obligations, the quality of services, the procedure for solving disputes between consumers and suppliers, the timeline for removing the interruptions and other issues reported by consumers.
The reports and complaints which require further investigations are taken into account and are thoroughly examined by ANRE specialists. The Agency responds to these complaints by telephone or by mail.

Work accidents:
According to the provisions of point 9 of the "Regulation on the method of investigating accidents at work" approved by the Government Decision no. 1361 of 22.12.2005, the National Agency for Energy Regulation will report the accidents occurring at the production and service units, the activity of which is mainly regulated by the legislation in the electricity sector.
The report on accidents occurred should include the following data:
- the name, the entity or employer’s address;
- name, surname, family status, age and profession of the person/persons injured;
- the date and time of the accident;
- the location and circumstances known regarding the accident;
- the type of the injury occurred;
- the name and the position of the person that send the report including the telephone number.

Anti-corruption Line:
The anticorruption line operates in order to implement the provisions of the Law no.525/2013 on approving the Regulation on the anti-corruption telephone line system operations, with the aim of preventing and fighting corruption within the ANRE.
The Purpose of the anticorruption institutional line:
The anti-corruption line is a telephone line which gathers information on corruption activities, on activities in connection with acts of corruption and other acts of corrupt behavior. The purpose of the anticorruption institutional line is also to collect information, in order to examine possible illegal activities and to identify vulnerable areas of corruption through a complex analysis of this information.

The main objectives of the anti-corruption institutional line are:
- Preventing corruption
- Fighting corruption
- Providing solutions to the issues addressed

Operation principles
The telephone line works on the basis of the following principles:
Confidentiality - the information collected is used only within the limits of ANRE specialist position responsibilities while the recordings, storage and use of personal data is in strict compliance with the provisions of Law on protection of personal data, no. 133, 08.07.2011.
Collaboration – the cooperation between all central public administration authorities, autonomous public authorities and local public administration authorities in the process of promoting and streamlining the anti-corruption telephone system and in collecting information using this system;
The readiness and availability of the authorities – the cooperation of the authority with citizen claims, responsible management of the anticorruption line and providing detailed information on working procedures;
Accessibility - free and unhindered access to call the anti-corruption telephone line.