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ANRE promotes protection of electricity consumer rights and legal interests, controls the observance of their rights, examines consumer petitions and complaints, and solves disputes between consumers and suppliers within its competences.

ANRE examines and settles in extrajudicial procedure disputes between end consumers and transmission and system operators, distribution network operators and suppliers of electricity and natural gas at regulated prices, as applicable, related to the connection to electricity and gas networks, as well as to the conclusion of electricity or natural gas supply contracts.

ANRE has the right to issue decisions on prohibition of disconnecting a facility from an electricity or natural gas network or on the resumption of electricity or natural gas supply during the examination by this body of the petition from the end consumers.

ANRE can intervene, at the request of end consumers, in order to solve problems within the limits of its jurisdiction, including the cases of poor quality electricity or natural gas supply or provision of low quality services.

How to address to ANRE?

Online petition form
E-mail: consumator@anre.md
Fax (+373) 022-852-900
Mailing address: Chisinau, MD-2012, 90 Columna str.

How does ANRE conduct investigations?

ANRE conducts investigations within the limits of its jurisdiction in order to verify if and to what extent the claimed electricity and natural gas supplier/distributor violates the legislation in energy sector.

ANRE can organize inspections at the headquarters/operation point of the claimed electricity and natural gas supplier/distributor or can request additional information and documents.

ANRE examines the received petitions within 30 days, while those petitions that do not require additional study or examination – without delay or within 15 days from the registration day. In special cases, ANRE directors can extend the examination period of a petition with 1 month the longest, which is to be communicated to the petitioner in writing or by email, and in case he agrees to – orally.

If the petition is under the competence of another institution, ANRE sends it to that institution within 3 working days from the date of its registration and informs the petitioner about this fact. If ANRE, after investigating the petitioner’s complaint, finds that it is partially under its jurisdiction or does not identify any violation of the legislation, it shall communicate this to the petitioner in writing. At the same time, ANRE shall offer recommendations regarding the possible solutions to the complaints and information on the institutions that might help the petitioner. In such cases, the opinion of ANRE is recommendatory and can be used during direct negotiations between the petitioner and the claimed electricity and natural gas supplier/distributor, to inform other institutions or to be presented in courts.

Six rules to address to ANRE

Address to ANRE in writing!

In line with the procedures of conducting investigations, and to avoid possible misunderstanding, ANRE accepts petitions in writing only. You can send them by mail (to the ANRE headquarters address), fax, and email or by filling out the online petition form.

Be explicit and concise!

To be able to examine your petition, we have to understand what it is about; therefore, an incomplete, unclear, or illegible text will not be subject to examination.

Provide us with your identification data!

It is important that you provide us with your complete identification data – name, surname, and place of residence. You should be aware that once you do not provide us with this information, very often we are unable to examine the information reported by you, as the electricity and natural gas suppliers cannot identify you in their client databases.

Assist us with additional information and documents!

If you send us additional information or documents together with the petition itself, (contracts, bills, correspondence with the supplier etc.), it will help both you and us to shorten the response time, which is, actually, a compulsory step during our examination. Besides this, we kindly ask you to provide us with a phone number or an email address so that we can easily contact you.

Do not send us petitions if we are not the main addressee!

If you address a complaint to multiple addressees, please specify the level of our involvement. It is a necessary condition for us to start the examination. If you intend to send a complaint to your supplier as well, first, wait for an answer from it. Do net send the same complaint at the same time to ANRE and the supplier. Do not send us your correspondence with third parties unless it refers to/completes the petition you had already sent to us. Just providing ANRE with your correspondence with third parties is not considered a petition.

Do not write in the name of another person!

This practice can cause confusion as to the contract holder and will result in delay of examination or even impossibility to continue it. As an exception, you can send a complaint in the name of another person if you have proof of being his/her legal representative.

Online petition form

Fields marked with * are mandatory. Please fill out correctly the fields for contact data, so that the ANRE team can send a reply.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp eps tif pict txt rtf html odf pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml.

I prefer to receive the answer (in electronic format or in hard copy) to the following address:


During the examination of petitions in electronic format, ANRE shall ensure confidentiality of personal data and information received according to the legal requirements.

Electronic format petitions should meet the requirements for electronic format documents, including digital signature in accordance with the law. If they do not meet those requirements and/or do not contain the mandatory information, required in the online petition form, they are not going to be examined.

If you do not have an electronic address, please send your petition in writing on paper to the ANRE mailing address: Chisinau,MD-2012, 90 Columna str.

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