What is the procedure to compensate material and moral damage incurred by the consumer following a voltage shock occurred in the supplier's electricity network?

In case of damage to the consumer's electrical appliances, the material damage shall be repaired by observing the following conditions:

  • the consumer has submitted written request to the supplier, within 5 working days from the event that caused damage to the electrical appliances;
  • the test performed jointly by the consumer, the supplier (distribution unit) and the State Energy Inspectorate (invited by the supplier) has found the occurrence of the voltage shock or gap claimed by the consumer, which caused damage to the electrical appliances;
  • the domestic consumer has submitted to the supplier documents confirming the payments made for the repair of electrical appliances by an authorized person.

Any divergence on the compensation of material damage, which cannot be settled by the contracting parties, shall be settled in court, in compliance with art. 1416 of the Civil Code, published in OG no. 82-86/661 of 6/22/2002.

Moral damage shall be repaired in compliance with art. 1422 of the Civil Code, which provides that, if a person has suffered moral damage, the court is entitled to bind the liable person to compensate for damage in monetary equivalent.